Dental Health Week

This week our four year old’s learned all about Dental Health. We talked about who a dentist is, what happens at a dentist appointment, and what we can do at home to keep our teeth and mouth healthy!

We also had our soccer tournament today, the kids all did great! They really worked hard these past few months, and developed many new skills!


Gingerbread Dentist Office


Brushing teeth!


Painting with toothbrushes


Brushing our letters


Dental math!


Name teeth


Toothpaste slime


Soccer tournament!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


This week we are celebrating one of our favorite authors birthdays! Dr. Seuss would be 115 if he was still alive today! We read Dr. Seuss books all week, and participated in activities focused around our favorite books.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Pot O’Gold fundraiser is quickly approaching! The three and four year old classrooms are collecting gift cards for our silent auction. If you would like to donate, drop them off in the office! Also, we will be selling tickets in the office and hallway the next two weeks around drop off and pick up time if you would like to purchase one early!


  • Our soccer tournament is this Friday! Each class will be playing at a different time. Lollipops 10:00-10:45 and Gumdrops 10:45-11:30
  • Our St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser will be Thursday, March 14th from 5:30-7:30!
  • CHANGE IN DATE!!!! Our Preschool Easter Parade will be Friday, April 12th at 11:00!
  • We will be CLOSED Friday, April 19th for Good Friday.


Favorite Authors

This week the four year old’s learned about what an author does, and talked all about their favorite ones!

The Gummy Bears learned all about Laura Numeroff, and read many of her popular books !

The Lollipops talked about Eric Carle, and Laura Numeroff. They also brought their own favorite books to school on Wednesday!



Dr. Seuss Week: Next week our theme is “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!” Each day will be a different theme. Make sure to check the papers sent home, for what to wear!

Soccer Tournament: Friday March 8th (Lollipops 10:00- 10:45) (Gummy Bears 10:45-11:30)


If You Give a Moose a Muffin (making muffins and muffin math!)


If You Give a Pig a Pancake (painting with syrup!)



If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (frosting and eating cookies)


If You Give a Dog a Donut (painting donuts, donut math and of course enjoying a donut!)


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


Sharing our favorite books!

Valentine’s Day

This week began our Valentine’s theme in preschool. We talked about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, who we love, and how we can show others that we love them. We also learned about who St. Valentine was.

Our letter this week was Z, and our word family was IP. We have come so far since September with our letters and word families. Recognizing and repeating smaller units of sound, and patterns in words is a building block for reading!

Zebras out of the letter Z


Valentine’s sorting and sensory table


Eye dropper hearts and water colors


We love you to pieces!


Valentines oobleck


Name heart puzzles


Eye dropper hearts and filling candy boxes with “chocolate” pom-poms


Soccer with Mr. Mike



Ice Science

We all became little scientists this week in our preschool rooms. We discussed the properties of ice, how it forms, what makes it melt, and what we use ice for. We also talked about icicles and how they form. With groundhogs day this weekend, we made sure to guess whether or not Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not!


Magnetic ice and melting ice experiments!


Making igloos, and winter textured art


Painting ice, play dough and water beads


Hot cocoa math and building with marshmallows and toothpicks


Making ice cream and popsicles!


Groundhogs day chart and matching game


Mr. Mikes “soccer stadium”


Arctic Animals

This week our focus was on The Arctic and the animals that live where it is cold! We explored the geographical difference between the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, and learned that although the two climates are very similar, the same animals do not live in both! We also conducted experiments that helped us to understand how these animals stay warm.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day. We talked about his teachings and how we can make the world (and our classroom!) a better place.


Soccer with Mr. Mike


Clay narwhals and narwhal snacks!

Snowy owls, snow in the sensory table and snowmen on the Smart board!

MLK “We are All Friends” activity


Making penguins, walrus’ and snowy owls!


How many fish did the penguins eat?


How do arctic animals stay warm? & Arctic animals in ice!


How do penguins stay dry?


Arctic habitat


Bears and Hibernation!


This week, the preschoolers learned all about Bears and Hibernation! We talked about why and where bears hibernate, and what happens to their bodies when they do. We learned there are many different kinds of bears. We also talked about different animals that live in our area, and what they do in the winter. We learned that some, like snakes and frogs are true hibernators. Squirrels and bunnies may rest a lot and stay in their dens or nests, but we do see them here and there. Finally, some different types of birds migrate to warmer weather, while some stay out all winter!

Soccer with Mr. Mike

Polar Bears and Panda Bears


Bear Patterns

Bats in a cave


Making dens for our hibernating animals


Magna-tiles and building our names