Bears and Hibernation

This week, the preschoolers learned all about Bears and Hibernation! We talked about why and where bears hibernate, and what happens to their bodies when they do. We learned there are many different kinds of bears. We also talked about different animals that live in our area, and what they do in the winter. We learned that some, like snakes and frogs are true hibernators. Squirrels and bunnies may rest a lot and stay in their dens or nests, but we do see them here and there. Finally, some different types of birds migrate to warmer weather, while some stay out all winter and adapt!


The Letter U

Bear and Hedgehog snacks


Building a bear den!


Making Hedgehogs and Bears


Question of the Week in the Lollipop Room



Fun in our Classrooms!

Santa and His Helpers

Christmas is in full swing in our preschool rooms! This week we talked all about Santa and his helpers- the elves and reindeer! We made Christmas crafts, participated in Christmas themed math and sensory activities, and of course learned all about the letters H & K! We have been so busy practicing for our Christmas pageant that is next week. We hope you all can make it!


  • The Preschool Christmas Pageant is on Friday, December 20th at 11:00
  • The center will be CLOSED December 24th-25th for Christmas, and December 31st-January 1st for New Years


Paper plate reindeer & Santa, and making reindeer food


Matching numbers on Santa’s beard


Christmas sensory bin 



Writing in sand with candy canes, and playing in red kinetic sand


Putting reindeer in order to spell our names, and a special “glue angel!”


The Letter K


Building with red and green cups



The Letter H


Wrapping our special gifts!


Letters to Santa and what we want for Christmas!


Christmas Carols with The Music Lady


Christmas fun in the Lollipop room!


Elves vs. Reindeer with Mr Mike!

The Nativity

This week we learned all about the true meaning of Christmas. It is important this time of year, to remember why we celebrate this very special holiday! All of our activities were focused around baby Jesus, and the very special night that he was born. We also began talking about our Christmas Pageant (which is a re-telling of the Nativity), and what part we each will play in it.

Our letter of the week was M, which can be very tricky to write, and our word family was AM.


  • The Preschool Christmas Pageant is on Friday, December 20th at 11:00
  • The center will be CLOSED December 24th-25th for Christmas, and December 31st-January 1st for New Years


Playing in the snow!


Cutting wrapping paper and decorating our trees!

Watercolors and Christmas ornaments


Fun in the Lollipop room!


The Nativity out of paper plates


The Letter M- Mangers and Mice


Coloring our own Nativity scenes


Christmas stars, Advent candles, and hand print mangers


Painting a manger to prepare a bed for baby Jesus with acts of kindness



Christmas fun!


We are Thankful!

This was our first week learning about Thanksgiving in our four year old rooms. We talked about what happened on the first Thanksgiving, who the pilgrims were, and the ship they sailed on. Of course we also talked about turkeys, how to cook them, what we like to eat on Thanksgiving, and most importantly, what we are thankful for!


  • Our Four-Year-Old Thanksgiving Feast has moved to Tuesday, November 26th.
  • The center will be closed on November 28th AND 29th for Thanksgiving.
  • Our Christmas Pageant will be Friday, December 20th.


Making Turkeys!


Building with cranberries and cranberry sensory bins!


“Color by letter” turkeys


Threading feathers through a strainer to make a turkey!


Thanksgiving puzzles, math, and line tracing


Music and fun in the Lollipop room!


The Story of Thanksgiving, and charting our favorite foods

Farmer Day!

We ended our week of community helpers talking about Farmers, and why they are so important! We learned that being a farmer is a lot of hard work, and they have many different responsibilities!

Thanks again to all of our community helpers that came to visit our classrooms this week!


  • Our Four Year Old Thanksgiving Feast will be Tuesday, November 26th.
  • The Center will be CLOSED Thursday, November 28th AND Friday, November 29th.
  • Our Preschool Christmas Pageant will be Friday, December 20th


Librarian Day

Today we learned all about librarians and what they do! We even had a visit from a real librarian, Kristen, from Fayetteville Free Library! She read us a few books, talked about what she does, and what a library is! We also had a visit from the “Music Lady”. We sang some songs from her last visit, and learned some new Thanksgiving songs!


Making library cards, book marks, and building with pencils


The letter R


The Music Lady came again!

Nurse Day

Today for community helper week, we learned all about Nurses! Thank you to Deirdre and Siobhan (Killian and Gavin’s moms) for teaching us  how to stay healthy, what you do to keep us healthy, and the different jobs a nurse can have!

Thank you to our nurses!


Nurse hats, medical bags, counting band-aids, and community helper matching!


The letter R and playing with our friends!